One Year On

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Yep, a whole year today since my FAI surgery!  How do I feel?…GREAT!  I am so pleased I had it done.  I am nearly 27 weeks into my pregnancy and my hip hasn’t bothered me at all.  I have been taking pregnancy yoga classes and do find some of the positions uncomfortable so avoid those and do the wussy option instead.

Hoping things continue to be pain-free, am a little nervous about giving birth and the position my hip will have to be in for goodness knows how long as that ‘open’ position is still quite uncomfortable.  It seems now I have great internal rotation, but external is worse, I’m guessing it’s scar tissue.

The pelvic/SIJ pain comes and goes.  It is most definitely activity related and I wonder how much of it is due to the biomechanics of my pelvis as well.  I’ve now dropped down to working four days a week until I finish up in five weeks to give myself a rest day in the middle of the week.  Struggling with big dogs and bending now as I’ve suddenly popped out the front!

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Where Have I Been?

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I have kind of neglected this blog for a while and I guess that’s because my life has taken a turn in another direction and I have more important and exciting things to concentrate on.  For those of you who don’t know, I am pregnant.  Actually we’re about half way through and expecting our wee BOY in February :)  We are VERY excited and just can’t wait to meet our wee man.

My hip has been holding up extremely well so far.  I get the odd clunk, but it has not caused any pain or trouble.  My pelvis on the other-hand has been causing issues, but this is likely pregnancy hormone related and nothing to do with my hip history.  One lovely little hormone called Relaxin causes ligaments to stretch and become lax, which means my sacroiliac joints are moving more than they normally would which is rather painful! I have been to a physio at Women’s Hospital and she’s given me a couple of exercises to do and a support belt to wear, which is yet to make any difference.

I have a pregnancy blog if anyone wants to follow at

I am still getting lots of emails from you guys and do my best to reply to everyone!  Hope you are all doing well.

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Two Of Every Animal?

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KIRK HARGREAVES ~ THE PRESS ~ SNOW CONES: Porters Pass, on State Highway 73 between Springfield and Arthur's Pass, has been closed by snow.

Oh my gosh, it has been raining all week! There’s surface flooding everywhere and some rivers have burst their banks causing all sorts of trouble. We had a downpour of hail today and there’s even snow up on the hills that has caused some roads to be closed. I think we’re going to be in for a ripper of a winter this year!

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My Aching Feet!

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That's It? Another microscope moment brought to you by Jess's radiology

Went to the podiatrist last week.  She couldn’t get in to see my xrays but managed to have a look during the week.  Said she could see the area of the stress fx and had a yak to one of the sports docs who agreed that treatment should just involve taking the load off of the bone.  So now I have some fancy pants orthotics in my shoes to do that job.  It seems to be working as my forefoot isn’t sore, but oh my god, who would have known orthotics could be so uncomfortable!  I hope it’s just a matter of getting used to them as I’ve already had them adjusted to make the arch more comfortable (feels like it’s digging into my heel or walking on a rock all day), but a trial walk around an office and a day on your feet are totally different things!

Hip is doing great.  Had my trial ‘last’ acupuncture session on Tuesday, she must have wanted to go out with a bang as I ended up with a huge bruise from one of the needles lol  I got a new exercise to do to activate my glutes and take the load off my hip flexors.  Have to report back next week on how things are so we can decide whether I need to go back.

Off for a bike ride now while there is a gap in the rain.  It’s so cold here now!  Glad for my new wind/waterproof booties :)

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